I thought I’d take a moment to introduce you to my family. They’re the reason I started this adventure in the first place. My husband, Kevin, and I have been married for 12 years. In that time we’ve had 4 kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats, a cockatiel and (most recently) 15 chickens. We’ve moved 3 times, this last time out to our farm, with the intention of it being the last and final move. We’ve found our forever home. We both work in the city, but would love to find a way to earn our living with the land we love and be able to stay home full time. How we’ll do that, I’m unsure. But I never thought we’d be out here on a farm at this stage of the game either so never say never!!

Our oldest daughter, Hannah, is 10 years old. She loves all things that have to do with animals. She truly has a way with them and understands them in a way I do not. If you haven’t yet, go over to the farm life page and take a look at the photo shoot she put on with our chicks. She got one of them to roost on a toy horse! She’s amazing! She has a very tender heart and is in tune with those around her, always wanting to make sure everyone is happy and cared for. She takes horseback riding lessons and is loving learning about yet another animal.

Benjamin is our one and only boy. He is 6 years old and loves trains, tractors and trucks. (not necessarily in that order) He is a wonderful brother to his sisters, and never ceases to bring a smile to my face. He is gentle and kind, and wants to be a ninja when he grows up. He loves the outdoors, likes to run and play, and like his sister has a very tender heart. He formally started school this year and for the most part enjoys it. He is very curious about the world around him, and I hope to foster that curiosity and see where it leads.

Kaitlynn is the next in line at 5 years old. She is my spit fire, my pistol, my wild and free country girl. She is as stubborn as they come, likes to discover and do things all by herself, and is fiercely loyal and protective of her siblings. She loves to play, dance, sing, anything that gets her creative juices flowing. She also enjoys the animals, but tends to be a little more hesitant and shy with them. We’ll have to see how that love develops with age and time. She’ll be starting up school with us officially in the fall and couldn’t be more excited about it.

Finally there’s Josie. She’s my last, my littlest. She’ll be 2 next month. She seems to be a combination of the other three. She seems to have no fear (which scares me to death!) when it comes to trying new things. She loves playing outside with her siblings, dancing, singing, and being around the animals. The older kids take good care of her in all their adventures and she truly never wants for anything. There is always someone willing to cater to her needs. We’ll see how that develops with time.

There we are in a nutshell! If you hang out here long enough you’ll learn more about us as time progresses. We’re a pretty cool bunch, once you get to know us.

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