Spring is here!

I love spring! Well, minus the alleiirgies it inevitably brings. When we lived in town, I can’t say that I recognized or appreciated the seasons quite as much as I do living out on the farm. Each season brings new responsibilities and new things to look forward to. Spring is growth! And boy, are things around here growing! And blooming, and laying, and thriving! It’s fun to watch. Wherever you are, I encourage you to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Literally! There is true wisdom in this. Take time enough to stop and look at the world around you. The life pouring out of every limb, leaf and stem is a reminder that life is full of cycles, full of growth! Full of chances to bloom better. Enjoy it!

Our oldest daughter with our youngest pup. This is Kiara. She’s 6 months old today!
This is Heimlich, our caterpillar crate. He’s in full bloom at the moment.
Our girls are loving the warm weather!
Our chickens have been generous with us so far this spring. We’re averaging about 9 eggs a day at the moment!
Old faithful our tractor came out to tame the back pasture.
I get many a bouquet of these lovelies as the kids know better than to pick any of the other flowers blooming about.
My oldest and youngest swinging on the swing out at our play set.

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