It’s been awhile

I am here! This year has been crazy, and I know I’m not alone in this. All of us have been “sheltering in place” for more than a month now, and our day to day lives have been altered tremendously!

Life here on the farm continues on much as it did before. Our chickens are thriving and providing us with daily eggs which we enjoy and share with those we can. We’ve only lost one of our flock due to water belly (organ failure) a couple months ago, otherwise they’re all doing great! We’ve added two dogs to our crew, both rescues. They are full of vim and vigor and I’m sure they’ll be added into our stories more as time goes on.

Since we homeschool, this aspect of our lives hasn’t seen as much change due to the quarantine as others. I truly sympathize with those who have been put on this steep curve of learning how to “distance learn”. It’s a lot.

As for us, spring has sprung, and we are reaping the benefits, spending as much time outside as we can. Enjoying the blossoms and the weather (before is gets crazy hot!) We hope and pray that this little blog finds you and your families well. Hang in there!

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