The 12 chicks of Hoffmann Farm

I never thought I’d ever be a chicken lady, but here I am. I LOVE my chickens! They are so much fun! They’re also quite a handful, and I seriously can’t wait until they’re out of the brooder in the garage, and out in the coop in the yard. Recently, the chicks have taken to roosting on top of my water feeders, causing poop to go into their water supply and then ultimately tipping over the water feeder itself and saturating their bedding. I then end up having to clean out their brooder sooner than I would have liked. Everyone else loves brooder cleaning, because they all get to take the chicks out into the yard to play while I scoop out the stinky woodchips and scrub out the box. This time, however my mini-me decided she’d stay and help me clean out the box. She made my heart happy.

She’s cute, and she fits inside the box to sweep out the last shreds of wood chips. Win-win!

My oldest, she’s the chicken whisperer. Recently she’s decided to train the older three chickens to be able to do obstacle courses. I’m pretty sure I have a video of her first attempt. I’ll post it later after I get her permission. Anyway, she typically will take responsibility of the chicks while I clean out the brooder. Today we got all the girls out into our old baby gate/pen to spend some time in the grass. My oldest, being the sweet girl she is, made sure there was plenty to keep the girls occupied. A mirror for the Buff Orpingtons (they LOVE to stare at themselves in the mirror), a big rock for the Wyandottes, a piece of wood to perch on for the Barred Rocks and food and water for everyone. I think she also included an umbrella for some added shade should the need arise. She really is very thoughtful.

They’re growing so fast, it’s hard to believe they’re only 4 weeks old. They’ve gone from little puff balls to almost being fully feathered. Can’t wait until they’re old enough to start earning their keep around here and giving us some eggs!!

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